The Regional Cyber Trust Group
The Cyber Trust Group's Bunch of Fives has been designed to help you hit back at cyber criminals and get to grips with cyber security - fast.
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Bunch Of FiveHit Back With The Bunch Of Fives

The Cyber Trust Group's Bunch of Fives is a powerful way to remember the five issues you need to tackle first as you begin to secure and protect your IT from cyber criminals.

The Bunch of Fives was developed by Sean O'Neil and first documented in the free download How to Detect Cyber Crime.

Hit Back At The Cyber Criminals

The Bunch Of Fives is a collection of perhaps the simplest and quickest things which you can do to secure the data held in your computers and devices.

The Cyber Trust Group convenes to examine the aftermath of cyber attacks in order to understand how loss occurred and what can be learned so the likelihood of similar loss is lessened for the future. More often than not, the causes of breaches and data loss can be traced back to one of the Bunch of Fives not being followed or enforced.

Strengthen Passwords

Cyber criminals using software to brute force access to systems and networks by guessing passwords accounts is the most common type of threat and yet it's the easiest to prevent.

Change your password to one that's random and complex.

License Antivirus Software

License (buy) the most up-to-date antivirus software you can and do not assume that the free software which ships with a new computer is enough.

Buy a license to protect each of your computers and mobile devices.

UPdate and Patch

The cyber criminals make it their business to learn where the flaws in software lie and then scan the Internet looking for unpatched, non-updated software to exploit.

Ensure all your software is as up-to-date as possible.

Encrypt Data

Most of the data breaches you will have read about in the media make the headlines because the data that was accessed either at-rest or in-transit was stored as plain text.

Encrypt all of the sensitive data stored across your devices and network.


Deep-down, we all know we should backup data and yet so many of us tend to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the issues of backing-up and retrieving data.

Develop and execute a regular backup strategy.