The Regional Cyber Trust Group
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CTG Communications Team

The Cyber Trust Group's Communications team are tasked with the disseminating the experiences, best practice and learning among Group Members and its wider audience to raise standards of response across the region in respect of the strategic policing requirement for Cyber.

Steve Whiting - Sub@omic Limited

Sub@omic is a web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites. Established in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, you can find us at the top of Google, just search for premium quality web design.
Independent and free-thinking, Sub@omic consults to understand and then uses your website to articulate your business proposition from the perspective of your Customer. This distinctive approach means we are able to deploy #1 ranking bespoke websites which are uniquely built with style, precision, security and compliance to deliver your commercial business objectives.
Each page of HTML we deliver is designed and developed with a clear purpose in mind and is underpinned by our cognitive design philosophy to ensure that our websites' pages remain clean and easy to use.Learn more about our cognitive web design

Sarah Janes - Layer 8

Raise Awareness, Change Behaviour, Shape Culture. We unlock the potential of a security team made up of everyone in your organisation and make your security education programme business as usual. It's experiential cyber security training, and it's empowering.
Layer 8 has delivered change programmes that outsmart over 15 years of debate about tackling cybercrime using technology alone. We combine our experience in security, education and theatre to challenge the status quo, strengthen the human factor in security, and empower leaders to drive the kind of culture change that influences future generations.
And it isn't just about preventing cyber security breaches. It's about protecting your reputation, maintaining your share price and contributing effectively to your organisation's commercial success. We're here to enhance the network security software that requires straightforward installation and updates. We enable businesses to change employee behaviour through conversation.
We represent the shift from an outdated belief that security professionals only ever tell employees how to behave. Our solution is designed to get people talking, and we know from experience it does just that.
Activate your human firewall with Layer 8 and start transforming your security culture today.An experiential cyber security training company

Mike Gallagher - CXO Assist

CXO Assist provides virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services to organisations who may not be able to justify full time CXO roles, or need assistance on a specific technology, project, or challenge.
We are outcome-focused and able to assist stakeholders in defining objectives and desired outcomes to ensure success and value is fully realised.
Specific focus areas include compliance (GDPR and PCI), Cyber Security and cloud strategy. We help organisations address the imbalance between the pace of technology adoption and the need for organisational transformation.
Mike Gallagher is the Managing Director of CXO Assist, and has over 30 years helping customers in multiple sectors, including Financial Services, Construction, Legal, Online Estate Agency, Local Government, Housing Associations, Genetic Research and Law enforcement. Mike was previously technical director for one of the UK's largest hosting and BC organisations. He was also responsible for a large managed service delivering change and support to Barclaycard.
This long and diverse experience has informed Mike's view of the challenges of absorbing change in complex, regulated environments.Your business: safe, compliant, relevant