The Regional Cyber Trust Group
Members of the Cyber Trust Group are recruited from: regional law enforcement; cyber security; SME IT support and risk & compliance.
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The Cyber Trust Group

In order to be able to deliver against its objectives, the Cyber Trust Group operates using a strategic four pillar structure. The Group's Members work within one of the four teams and, on this website, are listed under their chosen area of contribution:

Meet The Members

1PartnershipDevelop consistent strategies and partnerships across the region to ensure a unified approach. Work in partnership and build trust groups with other agencies, private sector and academia to deliver this work.Meet The Members

2AnalysisCoordinate preventative, intelligence gathering and enforcement activities in order to protect potential victims within the Bedfordshire Region communities. Identify the resources threat across the region, and provide Bedfordshire Police with the evidence to address their threat and manage their resources challenge.Meet The Members

3ReviewDevelop and implement a review mechanism for Bedfordshire Police and regional cyber action plans. Improve the police's ability to deal with reported cybercrime thereby increasing public confidence.Meet The Members

4CommunicationDefine cybercrime and profile the extent of the problem facing policing in the Bedfordshire region. Disseminate the experiences, best practice and learning among group members to raise standards of response across the region in respect of the Strategic Policing Requirement for Cyber.Meet The Members