The Regional Cyber Trust Group
Defending your business from the threat of cyber criminals is about establishing a secure perimieter for your business to operate within.
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The Cyber Trust Group

The Cyber Trust Group is a project initiated by Bedfordshire Police to pool commercial expertise and improve cyber awareness in the business community and general public resident or working within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Members of the Cyber Trust Group are recruited from: regional law enforcement; cyber security; SME IT support and risk & compliance. Our expertise and approach are drawn from experience in consultancy, operations and marketing.Meet the Members

How we help you

1ShareWe meet to share and learn from current cyber threats and incidents to inform the production of protect advice and incident recovery guidance.

2CollaborateWe work in partnership; using complementary IT skills and cyber crime experience to assist in prevention and resolution of incidents.

3AdviseOur aim is to evolve as a trusted, reliable and relevant provider of cyber security advice and assistance through local, vetted IT experts.

4EducateWe share knowledge within Group members to form a consensus about and a consistency of the most effective methods of cyber protection and recovery.